Eleventy Notes

Getting started


Before you start, make sure you have the following installed:

Node (and npm) are used to install and run the project. Git is used to clone the project from GitHub and for version control. You can also download the project as a ZIP file from GitHub if you don't want to use Git.

Cloning the template

Visit the GitHub repository and click on the green "Use this template" button. Then follow the instructions to create a new repository from the template. After that, clone the repository to your computer.

Then clean up the existing notes by deleting all files and folders except for the .app folder.

Installing the dependencies

Open your terminal and navigate to the project folder. Then run the following commands to install the dependencies:

cd .app
npm install

Running the project

Make sure you are still inside the .app folder. Then run the following command to start the project:

npm start

After a few seconds you should see something like this:

[11ty] Server at http://localhost:8080/

The project is now running, and you can open it in your browser at http://localhost:8080/. Now you are ready to write your first note.