Eleventy Notes

Welcome to Eleventy Notes

Welcome to Eleventy Notes, an opinionated template for publishing your personal notes, documentation, or even your blog! Built with Eleventy, the powerful static site generator, Eleventy Notes is packed with features you'll love.

With Eleventy Notes, you can:

  • ✅ Create Wikilinks and backlinks to easily navigate your content
  • ✅ Organize your content with Tags for easy searching and filtering
  • ✅ Quickly find what you need with a client-side search
  • ✅ Choose from two Themes and multiple color schemes to match your style
  • ✅ Customize your Sidebar with support for folders and subfolders
  • ✅ Enjoy a lightweight and fast experience, with minimal JavaScript
  • ... and much more!

Whether you're a blogger, developer, or just someone who loves to write, Eleventy Notes has everything you need to publish your content. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by reading our Getting started guide and start sharing your thoughts with the world!

Built with ❤️ by Sandro Roth